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Detects Malaria with Lewandowski’s RAM Device in Nigeria

    You can diagnose and detect Malaria Using Vapor Nanobubbles but do you know that, you can use your own Mobile Phone to do that? It is kind of wired and surprising, but trust me, it works amazing. You don’t need much steps, either third party equipment.

    Malaria remains a major global health burden, and new methods for low-cost, high-sensitivity, diagnosis are essential, particularly in remote areas with low-resource around the world.

    Introducing to you, Lewandowski’s RAM device. Hello people, it is not the popular guy that plays football but he is 26-year-old PhD student in mechanical engineering at MIT made a mechanical device called RAM (Rapid Assessment of Malaria).


    It is really amazing right! Imagine you testing your Malaria Test with a Mobile Phone! So with a drop of blood into the Mobile Phone for just five seconds, it will automatically detects and diagnose you on two case as the answer, either positive, which is Yes, you have it or Negative, which is NO, you don’t have it!

    Although, according to Nature reports, the Mobile Phone will Diagnose your Malaria status Using a Polarized Microscope and also send you the reports within some few seconds, hence, you don’t need to visit any CLINIC, Hospital or Pharmaceutical and spend more than N5,000 to check!

    ram device

    Each Mobile Phone is able to test much patients than expected! According to the source, it is capable to test more than thousands of patient. The popular Lewandowski RAM Mobile phone, arrives with a circuit board, a laser, some magnets and interestingly an SD card reader.

    Are you waiting for the Mobile Phone? Then wait for more days! Let’s look at the picture of the upcoming students of this world. So if a 26-year-old man of mechanical engineering, can do this, then expect more than this year and more more than this next year, don’t be surprised, a 18 year old boy or girl can produce a high technology!