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Do NOT Download WhatsApp Gold – It is a Scam! Reasons

    Would you love your Details on the Internet to be get open for some persons to see? Do you want some persons to steal your Important details from the internet? Do you want to be Monitored?

    Whatsapp Gold should never be downloaded by anybody be it a Whatsapp Lover or a fan, please anything you do, DO NOT Download the Whatsapp Gold on your Android Smartphone.

    Internet is free but today, Whatsapp Gold has been Molded by a group of Scammers and they can have full permission into your life on internet.

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    whatsapp gold edition

    .  Whatsapp Gold was not made by any Facebook Inc. but by a group of scammers and below are few Reasons why you should NOT download the Whatsapp Gold.

    Reasons Why You Should NOT Download the Whatsapp Gold

    Note that, Whatsapp will never send you a message in an SMS requesting you to upgrade instead, they will do that ONLY when you trying to login into your account or when your date is in accurate.

    Fear of Downloading Anti-virus (Malware):- When you downloading Whatsapp Gold, you are just downloading Malware into your system and that is Virus downloading into your System.

    When Downloading it, You are linking to another Website:- When you are about to click download whatsapp gold link, you are going to be linked to a malware website, hence, giving them access into your Internet Life.

    They are many other reasons like the formal ‘WhatsApp Plus’ whereby, the application was not developed by WhatsApp, nor is it authorized by WhatsApp. It is against WhatsApp Policy to Upgrade Via a Text Message. It is not known how many people have been received the message. However, it seems to have mainly infected Android devices.

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    So, if you receive the message, delete it straight away and install antivirus software on your phone – which you should download directly from the Google Play app store.

    whatsapp gold

    The Whatsapp Gold claims, it is only for celebrities and their account but it can be downloaded by anyone but it is a Lie! No celebrity is using the Whatsapp Gold and coming to you is a scam totally.

    When downloading the Whatsapp Gold, the Scammers are happy and they delight in you downloading it because they will get free access into details. And also note that the Whatsapp Gold version is not an exclusive version’ of the app.

    The message received by users claims that the ‘WhatsApp Gold’ is not available to all users and can be installed only via invitation. It may further suggests users to “uninstall your application and install an authorized version of WhatsApp from our website or Google Play. After the 24 hour count down ends you will be able to use WhatsApp.”

    The message claims that ‘WhatsApp Gold’ was till now used only by ‘big celebrities’. The extra features of the Gold version of the app include video calling, ability to send 100 images at once, free calling, ability to change WhatsApp themes and more.

    How to Download and Use Whatsapp Gold on your Android Apk

    You might be surprised, that after publishing that, downloading of Whatsapp Gold is not good and then I am also showing you the ways to download the whatsapp app.

    The saying goes like this “A word is enough for a wise” After showing you the reasons why Whatsapp Gold is not good and then you feel like checking it out then below are the simple guidelines on how to do it.

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    *. First of All, you are download the official Whatsapp.
    *. Then, Chat with someone and then take a backup of the chat – Goto Settings > Chats and calls > Chat Backup
    *. Uninstall Whatsapp application from your smartphone
    *. Proceed by install the Whatsapp Gold app, HERE, verify your number and restore the chat backup

    Please share this information to all your friends online using the below share buttons on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and the rest of them. There is only one version of WhatsApp, and it’s the version you are already using. If you have any say about this Whatsapp Gold then you can make use of the below comment box.