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Dollar to Naira Rate Black Market – USD to NGN exchange rate

    Nigeria’s Naira exchange rate is getting a little bit out of hand as the day goes by, and sincerely, we are not seeing any improvement from the government.

    The dollar to naira bank rate today is one of the most requested searches and here in this article, we will list out the best place to get the latest dollar to Naira exchange rate.

    Right now, the exchange market in Nigeria is kinda fluctuating, right now, 1 dollar to naira is more than N360. In this article, you’ll learn how to convert dollars to Naira.

    Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today

    That is how many dollars to Naira bank rate.

    Anyways, the CBN exchange rate dollar to naira is almost the same as the black market, which is already aforementioned. However, the GTbank dollar to Naira exchange rate is also similar.

    dollar to naira

    1000 dollars to Naira

    This isn’t like pounds to Naira, but 1000 dollars to Naira is almost N461,0000. It is a huge sum of money when the dollar is converted to Naira.

    Where to get the latest Dollar to Naira Exchange rate

    Below contains the methods on how to get the latest dollar to the Naira exchange rate:

    1. Google: Search the term dollar to Naira, and you will get the latest updated exchange rate





    The above 5 listed websites will allow you to stay updated and connected with the latest dollar to Naira exchange rate without any stress. Take 5 seconds to share this article with your friends by using the below share buttons.