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What Boom player is all about – Download Boom Player app!

    In Nigeria, Boom Player is especially and exclusively preloaded with Infinix devices and Tecno phones, it is a carry come application.

    Thankfully, the Boom Player can also be downloaded on your Smartphone from Google Playstore. Boomplay is currently available in Google Play store.

    There are few things you really need to know about Boom Player. You need to understand the benefits, uses, how to use and many other essential features.

    What is Boom Player?

    The Boom Player is a lifestyle and entertainment app with a focus on music. With Boom Player, you’re able to download and listen to your favorite songs and watch videos on the go.

    BOOM player is your Go to App for everything music listen watch and download your favorite music. Boomplay is a one stop app for music lovers to have access to millions of local and international music & videos.

    It has a clean interface with a rotating album art work, many says it is more better than the Google play Music which is carry come app in many android phones. It also comes with a powerful equalizer which provides Max Bass.

    Boom player app

    It also has the discover section that gives you unlimited online content including full albums, videos and music
    you can stream your music on the go the best thing about the boom is that when saving music it saves in an non encrypted manner.

    Meanwhile, as of the time of composing the post, some apps like youtube, spinlet, save music in a way you cant listen outside the app or you cant even transfer music to your laptop or other devices, which is most time time wasting.

    Uses and Benefits of Boom Player

    Boomplay lets you discover new music, connect with your favorite artists and stay updated with the latest entertainment news and trending music by exploring any of its quality ready-made playlist that suits your mood.

    There is a playlist for everyone and Boomplay has got you covered as you connect and follow other users to see what they are listening to.

    • New: Discover the latest and best new music from your favourite artistes with ease.

    • Charts: Get to know what everyone is listening to and downloading. The hottest music is in here.

    • Recommended: Get carefully selected recommendations curated by our experienced editors.

    • Music: Find all your local and Boom Player downloads in one place.

    • Videos: Watch music videos, comedy skits, interviews and more from your best-loved artistes and comedians.

    • Playlist: Browse through and enjoy hundreds of specially curated playlists or simply create yours.

    • Comment, Share And Love : Have your say on any artistes’ body of work by typing a comment or even using a smiley. Share your favorites to your friends.

    • Albums: Play and download your favourite albums, anytime, anywhere.

    • Lyrics: Sing along and do a mini-karaoke with your friends as the music plays.

    • Daily Lucky Draw : How lucky are you? Find out daily on Boom Player with the lucky draw feature, which allows you win free music coins everyday.

    • Message : Keeps you up-to-date with new releases. You will be the first to know when there’s any new music and video.

    • Artists: Browse through musical content from well over 5,000 artistes

    • Genres: From Afro-pop to Gospel to Reggae and others; whatever genre of music you love, we’ve got you.

    • Moods: Enjoy music suited for your current mood and state of mind.

    • Radio: The best music radio stations across Africa at your fingertips. Comes pre-set, so just press play.

    Boom player

    How to download BoomPlayer

    Boomplay app is also available on Infinix and Tecno devices. For other devices, you can download the Boom Player via playstore:

    *. Download from, Google Playstore HERE.

    The Boom Player is among the best Music player for your Smartphone. And the app has been currently updated for your mobile phone.

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