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How to download your Facebook data?

    The Social media Giant CEO, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have been linked with various authorities, due to the recent data scandal, met with congressmen etc but you may want to check and download Facebook Data, right now.

    Facebook have been selling their users data, especially to advertisers, using it as their money making machine, and developed countries have reportedly asked them to stop it. Downloading Facebook data won’t stop them, but will help you know what data, they are actually storing.

    Thanks to the steps on Facebook platform, the procedures are really easy and simple to follow. You may want to download your Data, this also allows you to view the what data Facebook has on you, download it and view your data;

    How to Download your Facebook Data

    What and what are contained in the Facebook Data; it includes your personal data, record of what ads you clicked on, your interests, GIFs, messages, login details, photos (device used in capturing, location, IP address and might come either in few or more gigabyte, it depends on your data space.

    *. Log-on to your Facebook account
    *. Go to settings at the drop-down arrow by your right;

    Facebook steps

    *. After clicking on the settings link, the first setting is General, where you will see your name, username, contact, temperature and Manage Account;

    *. Scroll down to the last sentence which states “Download a copy of my Facebook data” and click on that,

    Facebook steps1

    *. On the following page, it will take you to a page “Start My Archive” then click on it

    *. You’ll be asked to input your password, enter it.

    *. After entering your password, a pop-up showing “Start My Archive” click on it and Facebook will automatically email you stating that, they will commence gathering your data which includes your photos, updates, messages, app that you were the only developer.

    *. In few minutes, Facebook will email you, informing you that the archiving process is complete. And they will ask you to enter your password and download it.

    BOOM! You are done, just unzip the downloaded file and see for yourself.