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How to download Instagram data with the new ‘data download tool’

    The Facebook data scandal has possibly increase the awareness of the importance of providing data world wide, should we all thank the Cambridge Analytica group, which is funded by President Donald Trump?

    Right now, Instagram users would also be able to download their data online from the app settings, which wasn’t available at first. Instagram made the announcement ahead before they rolled out the feature.

    Anyways, you can also download your Facebook data as well. After downloading the data, you would be able to see your uploaded photos, videos, comments, profile information and more.

    It is easy, simple and short. All you have to do is to, login on your desktop platform, then Click on this Instagram Data download LINK. Instagram will take a little period of time, which is not more than 48hours to gather up your data, then you would receive a link at the provided email address.

    Instagram download tool

    Unfortunately, it isn’t yet available to any Mobile platform such as Android or iOS but you can do this by logging into the mobile browser app.

    Although, it would be wise to note that, European’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules out that, social messaging apps would have to allow users to view and download their data and also note that, the GDPR will go into effect on May 25th. Whatsapp will also be adapting the new policy soon or later.