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How to download Instagram images on Mobile Android and PC

    Instagram is undoubtedly the most downloaded and wanted video and picture sharing social app. It is one of the most appreciated social app on the internet, as of today.

    Last week, Co-founder Kevin Systrom boast of 1billion users online monthly and they have launched another a standalone app called IGTV, which also have a shortcut in its official app, it allows users, content creators to upload videos longer than 1-minutes to 1-hour.

    Being an image sharing app, it restricted users of downloading images via the official Instagram page, but here, we will show you different methods to get that pictures on Instagram via your mobile phone app and also via PC.

    How to download Instagram pictures

    A lot of people keep asking that particular question;

    Can you download photos, images, pictures from Instagram on Android or PC?

    The answer is yes, you can download images that are being uploaded on Instagram. Gone are the days of screenshot, then cropping to eradicate the unwanted places in the picture.

    But as already explained above, downloading of images, photos or pictures from Instagram on Android can only be done by either third-party apps, softwares or via online website.

    They are various apps, websites, softwares out there, that support this process. We will be reviewing the best options anyways, while using browsers, or by apps.

    Download Instagram photos via online website

    This is an online method, which can be done by opening a website in your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera). There are a lot of website out there that support this procedure. There are;


    This support for both Mobile Android devices and PC, laptops.

    *. Look for the picture, you want to download on Instagram
    *. For Android: You’ll notice three vertical dots, tap on it
    *. For PC: Right-click on the timestamp example, 1 hour ago or so, which is under the Likes and choose Copy link address or Copy Link Location
    *. Then select the Copy Link option
    *. Go to on your phone browser
    *. Now, there is a blank box, paste the link
    *. Finally, tap on download, then Download image.

    And that’s all. Now your browser will now save the picture.


    Download Instagram pictures via PC

    To also download images from Instagram on PC, laptops, computers;

    *. Download software, install it
    *. Enter a username, hashtag, or link into the text box on top to see Instagram images
    *. Select the images you want to download
    *. Now click “Download selected photos” or “Download as ZIP file”.

    Bookmarking of images also helps too.

    Download Instagram images via Android app

    Another method is using Android apps available on Google playstore to download this favorite images of yours. This process will only work for Android supported devices and will NOT work with private account.

    Like the online website, there are many others also but they uses different process and procedures. Don’t worry, we will share the accurate tutorials here.

    Download Instagram pictures on Android via Fastsave

    *. Firstly, download the free app, FastSave for Instagram on Google playstore
    *. There’s a switch button, tap on it and the FastSave Service will turn on
    *. Click on Open Instagram, it will automatically launch the official Instagram app
    *. Look for the picture and tap on the three vertical dots
    *. And then tap on the Copy Link option
    It’ll automatically download the image to your gallery or within the FastSave for Instagram app.

    Download Instagram images on Android via Inst Download

    *. Like the Fastsave, the Inst Download is also available on Google playstore
    *. Launch the Instagram application.
    *. Look for the picture you want to download
    *. Tap on the 3 dots located at the top right of the picture
    *. Click on the Copy Share URL option
    *. Launch the Inst Download application
    *. Paste the url of instagram photo into blank box
    *. At the bottom of the picture, tap the Save Image button
    *. Set the location, the name, save it and then tap on the Download button\

    This steps can also be followed on “Downloader For Instagram”

    How download Instagram profile picture

    It is quite simple and short. But only available for Android phones.

    *. Firstly, download the Profile Picture Download for Instagram application on Google Playstore
    *. Launch the downloaded app
    *. You may now enter the Instagram username of the person you want to download the profile picture
    *. Then search for it
    *. Now, tap on Download this picture below the profile picture
    Automatically, it download saves the picture to your selected storage, either Internal storage or memory card but in the InstaPP folder.

    It is quite simple to download Instagram images, all you have to do is to follow the above aforementioned step-by-steps guide. And you are done!