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Download Opera Max Today and Save Data on Android Phone, iPhone & Pc

    Save your Data today, save your MB today, Save your Video data both on Youtube and Netflix (which is currently in Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

    Opera, which is one of the most popular company and popular browsing application has released another World’s anticipated browser but with alot more different spec called Opera Max!

    What is Opera Max?

    With Opera Max, you will save your data, extending your data plan and gives you unparalleled control over your phone’s data consumption. This data-management & data-savings app saves 3G / 4G / LTE and Wi-Fi data usage by up to 50%.

    Opera Max is a data-management and data-savings app that shrinks videos and photos on almost any app on mobile data connections & Wi-Fi.

    Opera data-management and data-savings app Opera Max has been helping millions of people on smartphones to manage their data usage for a while now, giving users up to 50% mobile data savings across most Android apps, especially when watching video on YouTube, Netflix and other video apps from their mobile phones.

    Opera Max app download

    Benefits of Opera Max?

    Opera Max is a free VPN app that helps Android users manage and save data while streaming videos, music and viewing large photos through mobile and WiFi connection.

    Opera Max Saves you data by compressing videos, photos and media in your favorite apps and websites over mobile and Wi-Fi networks – without any noticeable loss of quality

    Opera Max does all the aforementioned benefits as you can stream more Youtube, Netflix etc with less data without any loss of quality.

    Opera Max saves battery and data by allowing you to block any apps running in the background without your knowledge. And you can also use it as your Wi-Fi manager, for better control of what your apps do in the background when on Wi-Fi.

    Opera Max

    You can make use of opera max on your iphone and also you can use opera max apk on your Android and opera max is also available for windows and opera max for Pc.

    *. Download Opera Max from Google Playstore today because it can monitors and control your internet usage on all apps… You want to know more then you need to download it.