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Have you heard of Spike Rush iOS & apk Game? Download Here!

    A new game called Spike Rush has been unveiled by a Nigerian 11year old boy called TAYO! Who is now a Nigerian Game developer. Meanwhile, his full name is Olatayo Sobomehin!

    The game has been created although it is not that old, but it is now officially announced by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO! Who visited Nigeria a few weeks ago. And among those days of his tour, he took notice of Tayo!


    This is the game! And it is available for Android Phones and iPhones.

    The Spike Rush is a multi-level archery games designed for you. It is simple yet extremely addictive. It can keep you hooked on for hours playing it.

    Spike Rush is a simple game with some graphic violence, currently have no sound yet but it is worth trying. Spike Rush is an infinite, side-scrolling game. You are in a magical forest where spikes are everywhere. At random times, the gravity reverses and you must live upside down.

    And the game has a lot of amazing reviews…


    You have been given powers to help you learn to survive in this new land. You cannot let the spikes defeat you! The game is so simple to get along with. All you have to do is to:

    • Swipe up to jump over the spikes
    • Swipe left and right to move back and forth
    • Double tap to activate your special power

    And it features a lot of amazing things. Features like Multiple lives, Gravity switches, Infinite gameplay, Customized players and Unlock super powers etc.


    How to Download Spike Rush by Tayo!

    *. Download from iTunes HERE.

    *. Download from Google Playstore HERE.

    The game is enjoyable! I love things like this. FBL loves it, it is good to embrace news like this because it usually gives hope. Do you have anything or news like this, SEND it TO US! Happy New Weekend!