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This is Dropbox Transfer, where you can send up to 100MB of files quickly

    Like WeTransfer style and method, Dropbox announces a new transfer feature that lets you easily send up to 100GB file to someone quickly and efficiently.

    The new feature is called Dropbox Transfer, and it is quite similar to WeTransfer. It is practically another way to transfer those your huge files.

    You can only transfer up to 100MB of files with a free Dropbox account, which is bigger than the Gmail’s 25MB limitation but this varies from:
    Plus: 2GB
    Professional: 100GB
    Business Standard: 2GB
    Business Advanced, Enterprise, or Education: 100GB

    Before the official announcement, there was the beta testing in July. You can now share files without also sharing access to your personal copies of them.

    Dropbox Transfer
    Dropbox Transfer by Dropbox

    How it works

    Go to and compile your files into a transfer, you will a sharing link from Dropbox and then you can go ahead share it with anyone.

    After sharing the files, people who get it can directly download the file from that page or save it to their Dropbox account. You can easily send files without the hassle of giving people edit access to originals.

    You can also select files from your hard drive or Dropbox account to create your transfer, you can password protect it and set an expiration date from three or seven days to encourage recipients to download the files.

    After compiling the file, Dropbox will get a link for you to send to anyone—even if they aren’t on Dropbox. After you send it, viewership stats let you see how many times the transfer’s been accessed.

    Thankfully, the new transfer feature will be available from Dropbox desktop, iOS apps and the official website. You can also add a background and logo to the files in their pro plans.

    Features of Dropbox Transfer

    1. It is way too easy.
    2. The basic free plan is three times bigger than the Gmail’s 25MB.
    3. You don’t have to share any access to your personal copies of them.
    4. Receiving users can directly download the file from that page or save it to their Dropbox account.
    5. You can protect it with Password.
    6. You can set expiration date within 3-7days (seven days is default).
    7. Even if the user isn’t on Dropbox, they can easily download the files also.
    8. You can also check how many times the transfer has been accessed.

    Anyways, Dropbox is currently rolling out the Transfer feature to users on all Dropbox plans starting today. Meanwhile, the starting offer is 100MB for the basic free plan.