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Fraudsters: E-Cooperative Nigeria is a Scam – Nigerians beware!

    Everyday, we see a lot of Ponzi schemes in different faces, and format. This is E-Cooperative Nigeria, it is a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme.

    Nigerians has been one huge country of victims to fraudsters, scammers in form of Ponzi and PPyramid schemes! And E-cooperative has done a great deal of that!

    According to E-cooperative Nigeria, they are interested in making you more money with your current little money, which is just doubling your money for you.

    This is the goal of every Ponzi schemes out there, Money doubler, and the e-Cooperative Nigeria Online Cooperative and Micro finance Support isn’t different from them.

    One of their marketing scheme is to give you ₦40,000+ with just ₦1000 in 1 Week, this is totally outrageous, and so intrusive in all senses.

    The scheme is popularly known by all the people, and like others, the website script is totally just one in particular.


    Who are E-Cooperative Nigeria?

    In short description, E-Cooperative Nigeria is an Online Cooperative and Micro Finance Support, who were first interested in building up good businessmen and women.

    At first, the owners of ecooperative claims that it is a simple system that enable members to raise the money they seek for any business project.

    Which is not only limited to that, they also claim that it allows the to make money from their venture, and show them ideas on how to manage the money they have made.

    And their last goal, is to show them how that money can be multiplied using various financial instruments. From their perspective, it is a good business plan, but that is totally different from the inner game.

    But at the end of the day, they turn out to be a Ponzi Scheme, who are just there to scam you of your hard earn currency, instead of doing their actual JOB!

    E-cooperative website

    This isn’t a question, and probably, it doesn’t really have an actual answer, that is verified. Because the road to the website has been converted to something else -a downloading website.

    Fine, if you are still curious, The Website is: But they are now operate via Whatsapp. Which certifies them as PONZI SCHEMES!

    Unfortunately, the words has been changed to French, remember that it was first in English. All thanks to Google, I successfully translated the words to English.

    And it was totally something else, which is not associated with creating business ideas. The real question now is, what happened to the website?

    The only possible answer to this particular question is in three roads: the domain was either left for expiration, and someone bought it.

    Or either they decided to sell it or they were all Frenchmen right from the beginning, who are venturing into Nigeria markets, to scam the citizens, as the government are NOT really interesting in controlling what comes in and out!

    E-cooperative Stages

    For reference purposes, the below picture explains everything:

    Ecooperative Stages
    Ecooperative Stages

    E-cooperative Reviews

    There are bunch reviews from customers, and here are some of them from their official Facebook Page!

    From Henry Amasa “e cooperative is rubbish, a big time fraud………. who ever that is willing to lose his money, should go ahead but i have warned you. E-COOPERATIVE IS A FRAUD!”

    From Peace Adeleke “I have joined,what can i do..and did ecooperative hack all your money…please tell me so that i can quit”

    From Henry Amasa “it’s been stories since when i made the payment and now they don’t even answer my calls any more.”

    From Henry Amasa “Exactly…….its been stories. Am not the only one. There are many others”

    Nevertheless, they have been reviews from real customers, and of course, they are other people who still believed the system is helping them to build business and ideas.

    SCAM: E-cooperative is a FRAUD

    They are so many reasons to certify that YES, E-cooperative is totally a SCAM and full time FRAUDSTERS, who don’t want to build your business ideas to a standard!

    Starting from the website, it no longer opens and the reviews from customers, who has lost money from system are serious outcrying on the internet.

    E-Cooperative Nigeria do not do any form of investments, sell products or services to make money. Instead, they take money from new members that old members recruit, to pay the same old members.

    For instance, if e-Cooperative fails to recruit new members, they will be unable to pay old members, which will cause the scheme to crash. Once the scheme crashes, the owners will take whatever money they have collected and disappear into the thin air! That’s pretty what they just did!