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Don’t tell me, you still own unwanted electronics at home?

    As of this age and time of technology, a whole of people still own older, archaic and obsolete tech electronics, equipment and tools in Nigeria. The question is, do you still have some at home?

    I was going through my stuff at home, and yep, I discovered a lot of discoveries, (lets keep it classic). Can we keep it a top-secret? the items are really old-fashioned, not relating to the newer advanced techs.

    And yes, there were few Symbian phones, there is the Nokia E-series, around 4 of them. Back then, I thought, I was the richest man alive, please do this for me;

    I found other stuffs anyways, but they are more life ongoing tech stuffs, such as condemn remotes, China earpieces and China phones, MP3 players, electronic brush, laptops chargers, phone chargers, remember the days of desktops chargers (although, it is still invoke) etc.

    I called my brother to the scene of distinguish amusement and surprisingly, he looked at me and we were like;

    Seriously, I had no problem with that, the average family has less or more than 80 pieces of electronics waste lying around their homes. But most of the old electronics have few gold inside, the only way to get the best out of this, is through Electronic-waste, also known as e-waste.

    And it is practiced mainly in advanced and developed or developing countries, and after processing, the ones that aren’t needed will be crushed into little pieces, and deposited in poor countries.

    Check your drawers, kitchen cardboard, shelves, you must find one Electronic waste around your home! Lets find that precious electronic gadgets, turned waste lying around?