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You now have 30days grace, if you want to delete your Facebook account

    If you are still considering the option of deleting your Facebook account, well, there is still news for you. Facebook has extended the account deletion grace period from 14 days to 30 days.

    This isn’t as usual, before, when you delete your Facebook account, the social media giant, gives you a maximum of 14days before they could confirm that yes, you really want to delete and get rid of your account.

    At first after 14days of deleting your account, Facebook will gather your data, which includes: pictures uploaded, phones used in login, messages, status, etc and send it your email account. It has been working for years, but right now, the company is offering something more extensive.


    Well, the company is giving extra 16days to completely reverse your decision, if it is worth the risk. But if you want your data to be deleted, you can easily terminate it right away. Understand that Facebook won’t automatically restore your account if you log in, but it says you will have “the option to cancel your request.”

    Facebook to Theverge, “We recently increased the grace period when you choose to delete your Facebook account from 14 days to 30 days,” says a Facebook spokesperson. “We’ve seen people try to log in to accounts they’ve opted to delete after the 14-day period. The increase gives people more time to make a fully informed choice.”

    However, 30days is enough to decide the fate of your social media life, leaving Facebook is quite hard, deleting your Facebook account is much more harder, missing your friends, funny vines/videos, groups and many more. But you now have longer days to choose!