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Would you reconsider Fb platform after this Facebook ad? Its touching / sad

    Still trying to look more acceptable out there? Maybe, Facebook is trying all their possible best to change the annoying, intrusive platform to a more better acceptable media. This is how Facebook will work in months to come.

    Facebook just released ad that basically acknowledging and accepting how bad the platform has turned into. At, first it was all shades of glory, blue lightening and white colors, sending and accepting prosperous friends, chatting friends, chatting business etc but within some few days, everything turned red. Company had another motive behind the screen!

    Other than just accepting the fault, the company is still trying to figure out the best possible way to condo the situation and make it more lighter and maybe, turn it into what Facebook was at first.

    It concludes by saying, “That’s going to change. From now on, Facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy.” Facebook is also running ads which is also ‘scandal related, something like “fake news is not your friend” and “spam is not your friend.”

    The ad will run on TV and in movie theaters through July, starting this afternoon, with some appearing during NBA playoff games. If you had deactivated or deleted your Facebook account, will you re-consider it?