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Facebook and Instagram is down – As of 20th of November!

    Social media Giant, Facebook is down, one of the best messaging app, Facebook messenger is down and social app, Instagram is also down for some users around the world, and it is affecting most of the users in the US and Europe. This is reported as of November 20th!

    If you are not among the users in this countries, you really don’t need to panic. Thousands of users in the aforementioned countries were affected. Few users complained that it all started during the mid-night hour, while others confirmed it was this morning hours.

    Thankfully, Facebook has made a statement concerning the technical issue. Well, some users in UK also went to Facebook twitter to confirm this ongoing issue. Meanwhile, others are trolling Facebook: @MattNavarra said “You know Facebook is really in trouble when it has to use Twitter.” and many others.

    Read Facebook statement on Twitter:

    The both app wasn’t working for some users, but others who were affected found some solution, @irishjenny said “I got that on my iPhone. Turn off your phone and restart it again. That will solve this issue, Bryan.”

    Well, your friends around you might not be experiencing the same issue with you. If you are affected, you might notice some error features, such as unable to receive messages, log in and connect to server.

    And even others complained that, they can’t update their status. This is coming a day after Facebook updated its messenger app which will allow over 1.3 billion users delete sent messages from chat threads, under 10 minutes of sending.

    Facebook is trying to fix the issue within a limited time. This isn’t the firs time, Facebook will be going down in November 2018, but it is the second major downtime event for Facebook this month. Advertisers, stock buyers are already complaining!