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Facebook and Instagram wants to improve your life, not distract from it

    Facebook is doing their possible best to figure out the best idea, innovations to keep the platform lively, enjoyable and also secured. Not just them, daughter company, Instagram has been on their best position!

    Facebook testing out a new feature called “Your Time On Facebook”, while Instagram would adopts a digital well-being feature. Anyways, both are going for the same thing, providing more information about how users are spending their time on computers and smartphones.

    Fortunately and unfortunately, Facebook and Instagram are loaded with a whole lot of captivating mindset of people, fortunately for them, this set of people thinks of attractive and spicy ideas and features that keeps us fixed on Smartphones and PC; unfortunately for us!

    Anyways, this isn’t the first time for any tech company on the internet, to introduce such feature. Apple and Google have done it. With the “Your Time On Facebook” and Instagram well-being, users are allowed and given extremely access to see how much time you’ve spent on each platform.

    Sooner, we will be able to see our active time each day over the last week, along with the average time spent on the site per day. It will also offer you the option to set a daily time limit as well as a link to manage your Facebook notifications.

    As to the launching date, there is no talk on that!