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Facebook continuously bans women from posting ‘Men are Scum’

    The World would have been a better place if not for the sexual harassment and abuse scandals across the globe but then, Facebook has just step in because they couldn’t condo it anymore!

    In a recent news, Facebook has been banning/suspending women from posting “hate speech” against men after posting variations of the phrase “men are scum”.

    Offending messages, which have been removed, include ‘men are scum’, ‘men are trash’ and ‘all men are ugly.’ because of this, a number of women whose accounts Facebook has suspended.

    For instance, New York-based standup comic Marcia Belsky was banned in October for 30 days from Facebook for posting “men are scum” as a comment on her friend Nicole Silverberg’s photo album.

    Another is Belsky who told the Daily Dot this wasn’t the first time Facebook had banned her for similar infractions, including jokes and innocuous comments warning about alleged sexual predators.

    Belsky is not alone in the follow up bans by Facebook. Fellow comedian Kayla Avery says she routinely gets banned for comments such as “men are garbage fires”, “the worst”, “trash” and other derivatives.

    Boston-based comedian Kayla Avery created a website and campaign group, called Facebook Jailed, based around her experiences being banned from the social network around 10 times.

    One of the reasons the female comedians are being banned over and over is that Facebook operates an escalation policy, with a record of previous incidents for repeat offenders. Each subsequent violation of Facebook’s community guidelines receives a heavier punishment.

    For privacy reasons, Facebook moderators also see content in isolation, which means that the context of the content, who has produced it and their history could be very difficult to discern.

    Source: DailyMail