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How to bulk delete apps and website from your Facebook and stop the apps permissions

    When trying to log-in into websites or apps, as a member and instead of creating a new membership profile, the websites / apps gives you an option to login with your Facebook account, which is more faster but the Cambridge Analytica says, they tend to take our data, compromising our privacy.

    To condo the privacy-eating apps and websites from viewing and taking advantage of your data on Facebook, Mark, has accomplished his promise to helps us bulk delete those apps from accessing your Facebook data. This is called bulk app-deletion tool.

    Well, this is for those that are either humorous in nature or a social media addict, this makes them share important data on the social networking platform. But if you are not sure or don’t have any data to protect, then you might want to skip this procedures.

    How to Bulk Delete apps from your Facebook

    Thanks to the Facebook community, they made the option of deleting apps from your settings for every device; mobile and desktop. The step-by-steps guide is quite simpler to follow.

    All you have to do is to;

    *. Login to your Facebook page and open your Settings and

    Facebook steps

    *. On the left sidebar contents; tap “Apps and Website”

    FB settings

    *. There on to tap’s tab, you will see the list of all websites, apps, and online services you’ve given access to your account. Just look for the unwanted apps and websites there and click on “remove.”

    facebook apps REMOVE

    *. It will pop-up an instructions, tick the box and also tap on remove.

    facebook apps REMOVE

    That is it! Moreover, you can still move further to “Apps, Websites and Games” settings, click on “EDIT” after you must have TURNED IT OFF, you won’t be able to log into any other apps or websites.

    There is the “Game and App Notifications”, this setting controls game requests from friends and game status updates, and app notifications from app developers on Facebook. Edit it and see for yourself.

    Have you checked yours? And you can’t remove multiple apps and websites? Don’t worry, you are not alone as Facebook is still rolling out the updates to all accounts. Later, you will receive yours!