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Spotify and Netflix has access to your private messages, all thanks to Facebook

    Social media giant, Facebook partnered with music streaming platform and VOD companies, Spotify and Netflix and gave them access to users private messages, which is shared on the platform.

    Facebook did not only gave these music and video streaming platform access to user’s messages, but others included is Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.

    Meanwhile, it was also reported that these companies had access to data years after it was supposed to be wipe out from the company’s database.

    The companies included and their concerns with Facebook are:

    *. Giving Apple access to users’ Facebook contacts and calendar entries, even if they had disabled data sharing, as part of a partnership that still exists. Apple told the Times it was unaware that it had special access, and of the data described would never leave the user’s device.

    *. Giving Amazon the names and contact information of users, in a partnership that is currently being wound down. Amazon wouldn’t discuss how it used the data other than to say it had used it “appropriately.” On Twitter, Gizmodo’s Kashmir Hill speculated that Amazon may have used the data to fight review fraud.

    *. Giving Bing, the Microsoft search engine, access to see names and other profile information of a user’s friends. Microsoft said it has since deleted the data. Facebook says that only user data set to “public” was accessible to Microsoft.

    *. Giving Spotify, Netflix, and the Royal Bank of Canada the ability to read users’ private Facebook messages.

    Source: TheVerge