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Facebook Gets New Like, Share, Follow and Save buttons

    Facebook are recently conducting a lot of Upgrades to their system and one of them is the Like, Share, Follow and Save buttons -if that doesn’t change, then Facebook will look more like an old Facebook.

    Now the new Facebook buttons is something different instead of the familiar ‘f’ and a bubble telling you how many likes a post has, the new button integrates the familiar ‘thumbs up’ and like count into one icon, with the ‘f’ disappearing entirely.

    At first, the update came to Mobile although, Facebook says its original design was great for desktop experiences (when mobile browsers and apps were in their infancy), but the new era of mobile-first caused it to rethink the Like button.

    facebook buttons

    Facebook says it saw about six percent more likes in its side-by-side testing with the legacy button. The new buttons are also coming to Instant Articles in the coming weeks, and will be found at the bottom of those pages. They’ll also count towards aggregate like, follow and share counts.

    Meanwhile the Like button is being redesigned by the company and its comprises of all its entire suite of buttons. The Share, Follow and Save buttons have also been revamped to adhere to the new design guideline. The Share and Follow buttons are keeping the ‘f,’ while the Save button has the familiar bookmark icon.

    facebook new Mobile buttons

    According to the Facebook Statement concerning those already using it; If you’re already using the buttons in your app or on your site, there’s nothing to worry about. Facebook says it “did exhaustive testing with different languages and in the context of people’s sites to ensure backwards compatibility and scalability.”

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