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You Won’t Like to see this Facebook Hidden Page! Too Sad eh’

    It is too painful eh, too sad eh! This page of our Facebook is really disturbing and sorrowful. Meanwhile others will see it as a funny Page! Don’t be surprised tho, it is not a sad story, it is just a Page!

    This hidden Facebook page is extremely painful to look at. The page doesn’t contain any devastating story or graphic images but the question there is, why did Facebook hide the page? Why didn’t they leave it, just other pages like Notifications, Messages, Event creator, Our groups and pages including Notes?


    Although, there is no actual answer given to this question but Facebook really did well to hide this page! While navigating its beautiful mess of clickable things today, I stumbled upon one of the darkest corners of the social network.

    Well, the page might hurts your feeling tho, Don’t say, you weren’t told. The best thing is SCROLL OVER TO THE NEXT POST! Wait, you really wants to get hurt? Okay, it is your choice, visit this page and get hurt or hover to the next FBL post!

    You are really Stubborn Eh! Well, here you go >> THIS PAGE MIGHT HURT YOUR FEELINGS << Have you seen it?

    Are you now happy? Yours may be around 5 to 10 requests but mine is really heart broken! Because I have more than 50 of them, still unanswered up till this day. There is God eh!

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