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Facebook new tool, Manage Activity helps you to bulk delete old posts

    You can now easily bulk-delete your embarrassing old posts on the social media platform, Facebook. The tool is called Manage Activity that lets users delete their old posts, either individual posts or bulk posts.

    Before now, you can manually delete your Facebook posts individually, but it takes more time and work to delete them in bulk. Which you will require paid third-party service that lets you bulk delete your old Facebook posts.

    Although, Twitter is yet to provide its own bulk-delete tool, as old tweets can also be embarrassing. Last year, Facebook introduced the Clear History that lets users disconnect their web browsing data from their Facebook account, but doesn’t delete the data.

    But today, the social media giant, Facebook introduces the Manage Activity tool that lets users archive or trash old posts in bulk or individually, and can filter options to help find posts with specific people.

    Facebook Manage Activity

    The tool is divided into two major functions, the Trash that allows you to view all your posts in one place and trash them if you wish, either individually or in bulk.

    However, Facebook also mentioned that the tool will store the trashed posts for 30 days in the trash bin after you might have trashed it -this is if you don’t want to trash them again, and after a period of 30days, they will be permanently deleted.

    The other function, the Archive lets you archive those posts that you find embarrassing, funny, and memorable, that allows you to keep them hidden in your public wall, and you can still view them at a later time.

    Facebook mentioned that the feature is meant “to make it easy for you to curate your presence on Facebook to more accurately reflect who you are today.”

    For instance, if you have posted an old-time update/content that talks about former education, work, relationship, you might not want that too reflects who you are today, by deleting those old content.

    Facebook noted other features that adds filter tools like searching for posts with specific people or from a particular time period. The feature will come to Facebook’s mobile apps first.