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How to easily activate Facebook messenger dark mode on Android and iOS

    The Facebook messenger dark mode can now be activated on Android phone and iOS devices. However, the messenger dark mode can be enabled by sending a moon emoji in a chat.

    The Social media giant, Facebook has promised that the messenger dark mode will be available starting from this year. And it is already rolling out.

    On this article today, you will learn how to easily activate Facebook messenger dark mode on both Android OS and iOS device such as iPhone.

    How to activate messenger dark mode

    For your Android Smartphone and iOS iPhone device, you can activate the dark mode on Facebook messenger by sending a moon emoji in a chat.

    Immediately users send this emoji, a message at the top pops up that reads “You Found Dark Mode!”. Under that, will you find this “Turn on in Settings”

    Facebook messenger dark mode
    Source: Reddit/ Hegaton

    Then quickly tap on it, and you will directed to the settings menu of Facebook messenger. When you have found the text “Dark Mode” is on.

    Now is the time to confirm if you have this feature or not. The moment you found the dark mode, you can toggle button right next to it, tapping on which will turn on the Dark Mode.

    But if it is not yet available to you, then Facebook will automatically display a message saying it’s still working on this feature.

    If you receive such message, you should understand that you won’t see “Dark Mode” everywhere in Facebook Messenger. The dark mode feature is reportedly working in some countries. It may also appear broken at some places.

    Facebook’s messenger isn’t the first to give a short to the dark mode theory, Youtube dark mode and Twitter dark mode can be activated. We are just waiting for other instant messenger to continue this thread.

    As already aforementioned, the Facebook messenger dark mode will work in some selected countries, and the updates is rolling out by batches.