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Facebook Messenger now has 1.2 Billion People Online every month

    This is one of the milestone Facebook Messenger has been trying to reach for a long time and they have finally done it, Congratulations. One of the fastest and simplest app to communicate with families and friends and business associates known as Facebook Messenger has reached a milestone and it is awesome.

    Right now, Facebook Messenger Now Has The Same Number Of Active Users As WhatsApp, isn’t that awesome? According to David Marcus, who is the Facebook’s VP of Messaging Products,took to his official facebook page. Look what he said,

    facebook messenger

    We now have over 1.2 billion people actively using Messenger every month. And I keep on hearing powerful stories about how our product is becoming a more important part of your daily lives. So from all of us here at Messenger, a heartfelt thank you to all of you for giving us a chance to build something good and more meaningful for you

    And one thing weird about this messenger is that, it can easily be turned into its own Social App, because even a person who doesn’t have a Facebook account can also create an account and sign in, that is hilarious.

    Facebook ‘forced’ its users to download it so as to connect with other users on the platform silently. Maybe, they are looking more serious and might hit another milestone before a month. Just be ready for them!