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Facebook Messenger is now faster, smaller and simple with LightSpeed

    The social media giant, Facebook has announced its most lighter and fastest app yet for iOS, it is the Facebook Messenger which is now faster, smaller and simpler with Project Lightspeed.

    Facebook Messenger for iOS is now twice as fast, that is one-fourth of the original size. The company’s “Project LightSpeed” has been going on since last year, where they are working on a rewrite of code by reducing it at 84%.

    The company says it’s twice as fast to launch than it used to be, and it’s also just one fourth the size. Henceforth, making it faster, smaller and simpler.

    We are all aware that messenger apps have to load quite faster, such as Whatsapp messenger. But Facebook and its messenger are quite heavy, and people have been using the lite version of these apps.

    Facebook Messenger LightSpeed
    Facebook Messenger now faster – Fonearena

    But Facebook is decided to move a notch further to lifting and removing those heavy codes with its LiteSpeed feature. The Facebook messenger has been rebuilt from the ground up.

    Facebook added a bunch of features on the messenger, leading to its massive heaviness. Today, the company re-codes -core code was reduced from 1.7 million lines to 360,000, all its existing features to work with the new infrastructure that is part of Project Lightspeed.

    When compared with the older app, it opens and re-opens faster. Facebook promises the app will be rich with features while making it easier to add features in the future.

    Since the company is making it easier for Facebook’s engineers to build better experiences, they have also reduced the contact list from 40 versions to one that works consistently across the app but will be added soon.