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Facebook messenger now support English to Spanish translation

    Chatting with different countries would be much more easier sooner

    Facebook has now enabled their standalone messenger app to support translation of languages between Spanish and English.

    Be very much aware that the M Translation feature was first announced at F8 earlier this year. Right now, the Facebook Messenger can now automatically translate messages between Spanish and English.

    The M Translations is an in-built features inside the Facebook messenger and it supports quick replies, polls, and sharing your location.

    How does the Facebook Messenger M Translation works?

    The Facebook messenger, M translation feature perfect it feature in a smarter way. The M translation first has to access and recognize a user default language.

    And whenever the user receives messages which isn’t set as their default, the program, which is Messenger M bot will automatically pop up and immediately translate it.

    For now, the feature would only be available now for users in the US and Mexico, as it supports Spanish / English. Facebook is expected to add more languages to the platform sooner.

    The feature had previously been available for users in Marketplace transactions, but it’s rolling out now to all standard Messenger conversations.