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Facebook’s new logo might put an end to all its current issues/problems

    Wow, 15 years on from its founding, the social media giant parent company, Facebook thinks it is time to change the change! Think it is time to distinguish itself from the social network it was built upon.

    This is Facebook new logo in all its capital / uppercase letter design. The new logo is said to separate the parent company from app, Instagram, WhatsApp and other entities, according to Facebook.

    Maybe or maybe not, the new Facebook logo might put an end to all its issues and problems. Anyways, note that the new logo only represents Facebook the parent company.

    It is quite clear and apparent that this latest effort is to convince users that it has moved past its spotty track record on data privacy, security and other issues.

    facebook logo wordmark
    Facebook logo wordmark – Facebook

    On its web post, the company added that the new logo is meant to convey “optimism” while the re-branding effort is focused on “clarity,” “empathy” and “creating space,”

    US presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. tweeted on her twitter handle “Facebook can rebrand all they want but they can’t hide the fact that they are too big and powerful. It’s time to #BreakUpBIGTECH,”

    “People should know which companies make the products they use,” writes Antonio Lucio, Facebook’s chief marketing officer.

    The company published a GIF online that shows the word mark displaying in different colors to represent the different brands — blue for Facebook proper, green for WhatsApp, pinkish for Instagram, and so on. Meanwhile, Facebook app will keep its current logo.

    The new Facebook logo might be put to use in the coming weeks within Facebook products and marketing materials. From that date, we will start seeing the “from Facebook” within some of its other apps.

    After the announcements, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey simply mocked Facebook new logo, “Twitter… from TWITTER”

    The Facebook re-brand will become officially visible across all products that the Facebook company offers, which includes the Facebook app, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Workplace, Portal and Calibra.