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Here is how to check if your Facebook data was obtained by Cambridge Analytics

    Was your Facebook data compromised by Cambridge Analytica doing the scandal? Don’t worry, there is a way, you can check it! This is to confirm, if your or that of your friend was also among the millions obtained via Facebook!

    Mark Zuckerberg, is currently answering some questions about his company’s use and protection of profile user data, before the congress. He will explain how Cambridge Analytica was able to gather millions of data from its company profile users.

    During the report, 87million people data was tempered with, most of them was from apps, websites-login, which serves as one of the best option for logging into apps, website, games! You can either head over the app, website page to stop and deactivate them or find other solutions!

    According to Zuckerberg, 87million users on Facebook were calculated through the maximum number of friends that users could have had while the personality quiz app that Cambridge Analytica had built was being actively used to collect data.

    Mark of Facebook

    Facebook begun notifying the 87million (less or greater) people, that their data has been unofficially obtained in their news feed but if you haven’t received yours or not sure that, yours was obtained, then there is a way, you can be able to check it. This also shows if you or your friend was affected! This is integrated in the company’s help setting.

    Nevermind, theverge noticed that Facebook did not notify individual users of the identify of the friend who used the “thisisyourdigitallife” app, though.