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Did Facebook just open an office in China?

    Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg was present in China recently, and that has got everyone thinking. Curiously, the company has unveiled a subsidiary in the country, it is called Facebook Technology (Hangzhou), it is located in the heart of Hangzhou, which is also the headquarters of Alibaba.

    It is popularly known that most residents in China are prevented from accessing the website, China censored the social media since 2009, but today, the company officially obtained the license to open an office in China.

    It is a welcome development for Facebook, the subsidiary company costs $30million and Reuter said that “Facebook will be running a startup incubator that will make small investments and give advice to local businesses” but it is unverified, if Facebook will still implement this.

    Facebook’s VR company has an office in Shanghai and there is also have a sales office in Hong Kong. They are also list of the numerous countries that banned Facebook but China is the world’s biggest country, that made Facebook persist the more.

    Facebook hasn’t stopped trying since 2009, they went too far in 2015, attempted in 2016 and later on with an app, which they partnered with Chinese brands. Anyways, lets see how Facebook in China will turn out to be!