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You now require Facebook account to sign-up on Messenger and not phone number

    The social media giant, Facebook has made it official for all new users who are coming on its messenger to sign-up with only an activated Facebook account.

    Prior to the announcement, the company requires only your mobile phone number to complete the Facebook messenger registration. But they’ve removed that feature.

    In order for new users to have a Facebook messenger account, you must have already register on Facebook. Messenger now requires a Facebook account to work effectively.

    Facebook removed the option to sign up with a mobile phone number only on Messenger, and they have also extended the mandatory requirement to sign up with a Facebook Account on both Messenger and Messenger Lite app.

    facebook messenger unsend feature

    Well, this new update is only for the new users who are coming thru. While old users who had already sign-up on Messenger with their phone numbers can still use Messenger without a Facebook account, no need to do anything.

    Unfortunately, some users who do not have the Facebook account but using the messenger app have reported that the feature isn’t working as expected. But this can be traced to bugs, which will be fixed in no time.

    Earlier, Facebook changed its Logo, added “From Facebook” to its three major messaging services, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

    The aim is to bring all these three apps under the influence and control of Facebook, probably to satisfy the curiosity of US congressmen. And informing people who is the boss of this apps.