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Facebook rolls out dark mode on its mobile app for some users globally

    Facebook has finally rolled out dark mode for its mobile app. After the social media giant rolled out dark/night mode for all of its properties, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, the company is bringing the mode to its app.

    It was officially noted by SocialMedia Today that Facebook has started rolling out a dedicated dark theme for some users on mobile globally. Reports state that some users have the ability to toggle the dark theme when logged into their own Facebook accounts.

    Recently, Facebook introduced the dark night mode for desktop last month and the company said it is meant to cut down on glare, especially in low-light environments. However, the company has not disclosed the actual time when the dark mode will be available to all mobile users.

    The dark mode is just the way to live, as it helps to reduce the lightening from the screen brightness, all thanks to Google’s Android for leading the night mode interface change before Apple picked up the support for its iOS 13 updates.

    Right now, Android phones now come with a simple dark mode activation button on the drop-down notification menu. It is not just Facebook, other social media apps, and even the microblog, Twitter now supports the dark mode interface on both Android and iOS.

    Apart from other Facebook properties, the main Facebook app is the last to actually add an AMOLED-friendly theme but you can easily opt-in for Facebook Lite as a better option if you actually want a darkened theme within the app.

    Aside from the beautiful aesthetic view of dark mode, and for easy view, night mode versions do a great deal in helping users preserve their device’s battery life radically. However, it is quite disappointing and a bit surprising that Facebook took a long time to roll out this feature for its mobile app.