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Facebook shared user’s data with over 60-smartphone makers

    It keeps getting tougher and tougher!

    Who would ever thought that one of the biggest social media giant was going to be in so much trouble? Many would have anyways but right after subsiding the case of Cambridge Analytical data scandal, they firm has also confirmed another annoying news once more.

    Since the Cambridge analytical data scandal, we are all dubious of how well our data is being secured on the internet, esp social media. It has raised security consciousness and reduce how we give out our data on the internet.

    It is with the Chinese companies. For past years, Facebook and few Chinese smartphone companies such as Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo and TCL, has partnered in collecting the personal data of Facebook users. It is not an exciting news anyways.

    Currently, ZTE and Huawei are being under rejection of shipping their smartphone to the US and no other companies retailer store is allowed to sell any of their product. Esp, US intelligence previously flagged Huawei, as a security threat.

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    At first, the partnership of accessing Facebook user’s data is to let Chinese Smartphones makers help them build Facebook “experiences” on their smartphones. Facebook wants to end the agreement with Huawei this week.

    But Facebook said all the data collected remained on users’ phones not servers. Anyways, sources confirmed that the deal has been blocked in China since 2009 but the company has been trying to find other ways to access the market.

    A Huawei spokesperson said: “Like all leading smartphone providers, Huawei has worked with Facebook to make Facebook’s services more convenient for users. Huawei has never collected or stored any Facebook user data.”

    Anyways, it is not only Chinese companies Facebook has signed agreements with, they confirmed other US tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, BlackBerry and the South Korean company Samsung. They are many others, Facebook had given at least 60 device-makers access to users’ data – and that of their Facebook friends. NYT reported.

    Still yet on the security issues of US and Huawei, the Chinese company commented that US is afraid of them because they are not just competitive but also innovative!