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Come see your Data on Facebook and they are selling it!

    What actually is for FREE isn’t all that FREE! Facebook is taking your details down and guess what? they are selling it to their prospect advertisers, don’t disable them, it won’t change anything!

    Facebook is taking your Information down as an Ads Preferences, for some people that are willingly to lay down some few money for them. Would you like to see the link to the page on your Facebook?

    Most times we spends more time on Facebook regularly than usual, well, we aren’t the only ones tho but with over 2billion of users including your friends, families and many others!

    But there is only one thing there, “the more time you spend on Facebook, the more data it can collect on each of us” This data is what brings advertisers to the platform, and ultimately what puts dollars in Facebook’s coffers.

    facebook and your information

    On the page, it shows you, your month of birthday, what sort of smartphone you use, your primary desktop operating system and browser, travel habits, and even my political leanings.

    But note that, most of the predictions are made based on pages you’ve liked, status updates, what your friends like, location, career focus, and even how you interact with other accounts or ads.

    But you can also switch some of the details OFF, like, my birthday month has been OFF for a quite a while, that’s why the Birthday bar isn’t as bold as the others!

    Well, if you are interested in seeing it, then you can check your ad profile HERE. To see the information that best describes you, click Your Information > Your Categories.

    Does it best describe you?