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Facebook will soon allow you to unsend messages in Messenger!

    Still looking for a prominent way to curb the scandal, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has promised to allow users on messenger unsend messages after it must have been sent!

    This feature was pushed forward after Mark himself (power user of the internet) was reportedly unsending messages from recipient box without proper information, without the consent of the recipient. And this tool, has never been send before!

    You might want to know that, the reason behind Zuckerberg and other executives that unsent their messages was to protect their communications after Sony Pictures’ emails were hacked four years ago.

    This feature was first seen on the daughter company, Whatsapp. Anyway, we might have seen this coming soon but this time around, the Cambridge scandal kind of pushed it a lot more faster!


    To unsend message is one amazing feature, everybody is looking for! Many Facebook users feel that the ability to “unsend” messages should be available to everyone and consider the company’s actions as a breach of trust.

    Sadly, the timing isn’t near! As Facebook didn’t disclose any timeline as to when the feature will be rolling out or how it is planning to implement the unsend feature.

    Stay updated, as we will continue to update this page for more information!