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‘Your Time on Facebook’ This tool helps manage your life on social media

    The social media giant, Facebook has launched their new tool, and it is called ‘Your Time on Facebook’ The tool allows you to track minutes spent, maintain time spent per day on the social platform.

    With this new tool, Facebook are also allowed to set a daily limit of app usage and get reminders. Facebook isn’t the only company targeting this feature, their sub-brand, Instagram also unveiled the Your Activity feature that to track users’ time spent on the app.

    Even Apple also introduced a similar feature on its iOS, which is called “Screen Time” Search engine giant, Google has also implemented the new feature, called “Digital Wellness” dashboard with Android 9.0. Before the Q2 of 2019, we might see this feature hovering around every companies.

    How to set this Facebook tool

    Your Time on Facebook tool will allow users to set a daily limit of app usage and receive a reminder to stop after that many minutes each day. It comes with shortcuts to notification, news feed and friend request settings. Here is how to set the new tool feature:

    *. Login to Facebook
    *. Go to Facebook More tab
    *. Choose ‘Settings and Privacy’
    *. Set ‘Your Time on Facebook’,”

    You are done. After completing the settings, and adding the daily reminder, Facebook will send you a reminder after you’ve used Facebook for the amount of time you choose!

    This new feature allows Facebook users to understand more about their time on the platform, how to manage it, control it and not allowing social media to distract your life. This tool gives users more control over how they interact with social media that may be harmful to the mental health and well-being of the users if used more than the average time.