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Facebook launches – Another game streaming service

    Facebook is targeting the Twitch and Youtube users

    In January, Facebook made the announcement but today, the company has provided the answer to Twitch and other popular game streaming services. Yes, it is called, it is a game streaming hub.

    Although, Google is reportedly working on a video game streaming service. But Facebook is ahead of the Tech Giant.
    So, if you are a live streamer on Facebook but focus on gaming, then the will acts as a homepage for all the game streaming content found on the social media platform.

    The is where viewers can find a collection of all the video games streaming on Facebook and it will only display videos but only based on the games and streaming from players a user follows, either by liking a page or group, and a selection of featured creators, esports competitions and gaming conference events.

    Another amazing feature, is that it will act as a way to help users find new streamers to watch and games to check out. has a lot of live streams of the massively popular battle royale game Fortnite. Yes, it also leds Twitch most-viewed leaderboard for months.

    Although, when it comes to live streaming, Twitch is the leader and for pre-recorded videos, YouTube is the leader but right now, Facebook is targeting both platform and with the standard of how users stream to Facebook, there is high possibility of success and total failure.

    Source: TheVerge