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First Bank of Nigeria Customer Care Number, Email and Online Live chat

    Today, we will list and outline the current and original First Bank Nigeria customer care Phone Number, Email and Online chat.

    These are the ways on how to contact Firstbank Nigeria. Thankfully, you can contact them via different ways and platforms.

    Of no doubt, First bank is literally among the top best banks in Nigeria, if not the best of them all. Well, Diamond bank will merge with Access bank anytime from today.

    Ways of contacting First Bank?

    You can easily contact First bank by any of the following ways:

    *. Phone Number

    *. Via their Email

    *. Online live Chat

    *. Via your local branch

    *. Via Whatsapp

    *. Via Social media

    *. Contact Form

    *. etc

    With First Bank Customer Care, it makes banking experiences easier and faster. You really don’t have to suffer waiting for the queue, when you can easily stay at home and call them.

    first bank in nigeria

    Why you need to contact Firstbank

    They are bunch of reasons, why you actually need to contact First bank of Nigeria, below contains the reasons and what First bank can be contacted for:

    *. ATM Dispense Error Complaint

    *. POS/Web Dispute

    *. Careers & Job Vacancies

    *. Complaint

    *. Enquiry

    *. Feedback

    *. Investor Relations

    *. Online Banking

    *. Mobile banking

    *. First bank transfer code error

    *. Products & Services

    *. Subsidiaries

    *. Others

    Contact Firstbank via Online Live Chat

    You contacting First Bank of Nigeria has been made easy. Say hello to the Live Chat feature, where you can basically talk to First bank via Online.

    If you are ready, then you can quickly Contact Firstbank via Online Live Chat Here.

    You can present all your case online, ensure that you are brief with what you are saying or asking. To conduct this, you must:

    *. Be Online till the chat ends and

    *. Have a strong internet connection

    That are just the two requirements, if only you want to follow this method of contacting First bank of Nigeria.

    Contact Firstbank with Phone Numbers

    Like it, leave it or kill it, but the most easiest method to contact first bank, is via their official phone numbers, which has been displayed on their website:

    *. Tel: +234 700 FIRSTCONTACT (+234 700 34778 2668228)

    *. +234 1 9052326

    *. +234 1 90520000

    *. +234 708 062 5000

    *. +234 1 448 5500

    Contact Firstbank via Email

    Electronic mail has been tested and working. You can easily reach out to First bank, by contacting them via their email addresses.

    This is where you can quickly send e-mail and get answered within few hours or days. That means, if you need the answer at that moments, it is NOT advisable to make of email.

    Email: [email protected]

    Just outline your complain briefly, and you will receive the response before you know it. However, it is advisable to send it to the original email address above.

    Contact First Bank via Social Media

    These has been certified the best of the best, where you can easily contact First bank and you will get quick response without wasting a second.

    *. Contact them via Twitter Handle, @FirstBankngr.

    *. Contact them via Facebook Page, @firstbankofnigeria

    They are also available on Instagram via their official Page. But we aren’t sure, if this is use to contact them.

    The company boasts of 24×7 customer care handle for FirstBank Nigeria, but this when you are using Twitter to contact them.


    Contact Firstbank via Contact Form

    Another profitable way of contacting First Bank of Nigeria is via their own official outlined contact form. To do that, you must enter the following details:

    *. Go to First Bank Contact Form Page

    *. Select the type of Complaints

    *. Select the Channel

    *. Select your title

    *. Enter your First name

    *. Enter your Last name

    *. Where do you live?

    *. Your age range

    *. Enter your occupation

    *. Enter your e-mail address

    *. Enter your phone number

    *. Enter your City

    *. Your type of complaint / comment is required

    *. You must answer the question

    *. Click on “I’m not a robot” and then Submit.

    When they receive the message, you will quickly be notified and your answer will be provided.

    Firstbank Head Office Address

    – Address: Samuel Asabia House, 35 Marina, P.O. Box 5216, Lagos, Nigeria.

    You can also contact First Bank of Nigeria via the branch that is located around you, if you are looking for the nearest branch around you, please try using this tool that contains all First bank branches in Nigeria.

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