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FirstBank Whatsapp Chat Banking – How to get started and activate

    During November last year, First Bank of Nigeria officially announced the WhatsApp Chat Banking, which is popularly known as First Bank Whatsapp Banking.

    Anyways, they were not the first in the block to introduce this new feature, but they are among the best banks in Nigeria. We’ve other banks supporting this.

    Whatsapp Banking has been explained in all manner, but the simplest explanation is that, it makes banking much more simpler, smarter and faster.

    What is First Bank Whatsapp Banking

    With First Bank Whatsapp chat banking, you can perform all your bank transaction, just by chatting with the company’s official number, which is unique and verified.

    They were bunch of ways to contact First Bank, but today, Whatsapp Chat Banking has been added. Where you can chat LIVE with the company’s representative.

    Chatting has been our new internet social life, and yes, our banks in the 21st Century are buying into our daily lives. This is just an awesome shots, and will definitely make a serious pass.

    Benefits of Firstbank Whatsapp Banking?

    The FirstBank Whatsapp Banking platform has diverse functions ranging from:

    *. Onboarding

    *. Check Balance

    *. Send money

    *. Pay Bills

    *. Airtime purchase

    *. Data purchase.

    *. ETC

    first bank whatsapp chat banking

    How to Get Started?

    First Bank of Nigeria promised that banking with them via Whatsapp Chat Banking is totally secured, reliable and convenient.

    To ensure total security, the customers will need to generate WhatsApp banking PIN to complete all transactions. Which will make it more authentic using a safe link.

    To get started:

    *. Go to your Contact

    *. Add FirstBank 08124444000

    *. Launch your Whatsapp

    *. Refresh your contact

    *. You will see Firstbank, just say “Hi”

    NOTE: Remember that your WhatsApp number is the same number registered with the Bank.

    How to Activate Firstbank Whatsapp Banking

    In order to start banking on Whatsapp, you really don’t need to stand in the long queue and wait for your turn to set in. It is very much like the awesome Firstbank transfer code and pin.

    Here is how you can easily start banking and transact on Firstbank via Chat Banking on WhatsApp:

    *. Opt in by accepting the Terms and Conditions

    *. Provide your account number

    *. Validate using your debit card

    *. Setup your WhatsApp PIN

    *. Do your first transaction

    There is the traditional Live Chat, but FirstBank being live on Chat Banking on WhatsApp is just too good to be true. Customers can stay First at not just chat banking on WhatsApp or staying connected with friends and loved ones, but also keeping in touch with your bank anytime and anywhere.

    FirstBank Whatsapp Banking FAQs

    Will I be charged for transactions?

    *. Check Balance – N10.00 (Delivered via SMS)
    *. Send Money (Others) – N52.50 (VAT Inclusive)
    *. Pay Bills – N52.50 – N105.00 (VAT Inclusive)

    Why can’t I see all my accounts?

    *. You can easily transact from your personal Naira accounts. Domiciliary, corporate and joints accounts are not available on WhatsApp Chat Banking.

    How secure is WhatsApp for?

    *. WhatsApp Chat Banking is secure and encrypted. Your transactions are done over a secure link, so your privacy is guaranteed. During on-boarding, you’ll need to setup a WhatsApp Chat Banking PIN to securely confirm your transactions.

    Why can’t I onboard on WhatsApp Chat Banking?

    Here are a few reasons why you may be unable to onboard to WhatsApp Chat Banking:

    *. You provided an account that is not permitted on WhatsApp Chat Banking.
    *. The card linked to your account has expired.
    *. The WhatsApp profile (phone number) you’re using is not the same number on which you receive SMS notifications.
    *. You do not an active internet connection.

    What if I forget my WhatsApp Chat Banking PIN?

    *. Not a problem. Simply reset your PIN by selecting the ‘Settings’ option then select ‘Reset PIN’ You’ll need your debit card linked to your account to reset your PIN.

    Can I change my WhatsApp Chat Banking PIN?

    *. Yes you can. Just select the ‘Settings’ option then select ‘Change PIN’. You’ll need to provide the old PIN to change to a new PIN. If you have forgotten the old PIN, you may use the ‘Reset PIN’ option.4

    The First Bank Whatsapp Banking Number is: 08124444000 Which can also acts as Firstbank Whatsapp Chat Number and Firstbank Whatsapp Number.

    There is not need of contacting First bank customer care via the traditional method, instead use the above number as First bank customer care Whatsapp Number.

    In all, Firstbank chat banking on Whatsapp is just quick, smart, fast, secured and it is coming from our favorite First Bank of Nigeria.

    You can watch the below funny video comedy about first bank chat banking number. The comedians are among the top best in Nigeria.