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FYB Handbag comes with Fingerprint, wireless charging that is specifically made for Girls

    FYM london handbag

    You think you have seen shoe with LCD SCREEN, WiFi and the rest? But you haven’t seen this newly built and launched Handbag that comes with High-tech security.

    Introducing to you is the latest  FYB Handbag that arrives with fingerprint scanner, wireless charging that is specifically made for Girls although cross dressers are likely to wear theirs.

    It is no doubt that everybody and everything is going Digital and Smart! Have you Seen the Sweater or Hoodie Cotton can charge your phones inside its 19 pocket? Well, this are all for Both Sex gender but this is for GIRLS!

    smart handbag

    This is the FYB London luxury smart handbag that has been promoted as the world’s first smart handbag! Basically, you can go visiting someone with some selected items but with this bag, you can go with virtually all your tech accessories.

    Specifications and Features

    *. You saw the Wireless Charging right? It does support it but is your Device Qi Enabled? But apart from that, you still have options to get a wired solution. So you are now supported!

    *. For more security, you are welcome with an anti-RFID reader pocket to keep your credit card or ID information from leaking out. This is great as Ladies love securities!

    fym london bag with fingerprint scanner

    *. The FYB London also has modern security solutions that is called Fingerprint Scanner or via the companion mobile app. There’s also a Bluetooth tracker that alerts you when you and your phone have strayed too far from the bag. Nigerian Police should start getting Smart too. Because without her Fingerprint scanner, he can’t touch her bag!

    Whats the Price Please?

    Ermm, the First Smart FYB London Handbag is still on Kickstarter but with a little less than a week to spare. Backers can opt for a $299 SMART Handbag or a larger $339 SMART Travel Tote. Shipping is set to August this year.

    Someone asked on Reddit:- What happens if you forget to charge the bag and now you can’t open it but need to call 911? WELL?