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Gionee Watch 4, Watch 5 and Senorita smartwatches announced

    The dormant Chinese smartphone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Gionee introduced three wearable watches in India, starting from the Gionee Watch 4, Gionee Watch 5, and Gionee Senorita Smartwatches.

    Gionee recently announced the Smart Life 1.3-inch Smartwatch and supports up to 15 days of battery life. Well, the company’s new wearables boast of reputable specs and features.

    Between the three Smartwatch, you can easily spot some differences and similarities. Where the Senorita and Watch 5 are quite identical to each other. There are all part of the company’s Smart ‘Life’ Watches series of budget-friendly smartwatches.

    Gionee Watch 4

    Gionee Watch 4

    The Gionee Watch 4 (GSW4) packs a 1.2-inch circular IPS LCD display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels and supports the always-on display. It supports SMS and Calls notifications alongside notifications support from Facebook, WhatsApp, and Email.

    It arrives with an alloy metal body with stainless steel dial, and you can connect the phone via Bluetooth 5.0 with an operating range of 10m. Gionee promises 350mAh battery on this Smartwatch with 12 days of use time and 20 days of standby time.

    Other features include heart rate sensors, gravity sensors, and geomagnetic sensors. The Watch 4 is exclusively IP68 water-resistant, which can deep into the water up to 1.5m.

    Support activity tracking and sports modes, including Distance, Steps, Calories Burned, Sleep monitoring, Heart Rate, Outdoor Running, Indoor Running, Outdoor Walking, Indoor Walking, Cycling, Swimming, and Mountaineering. It starts at Rs. 4,599.

    Gionee Senorita smartwatch

    Gionee Senorita smartwatch

    On the other hand, we’ve got the Gionee Senorita (GSW3) Smartwatch, which is practically exclusive for sporting women. It is more like new-age women sports Smartwatch.

    It packs a circular 1.04-inch IPS TFT display with 240 x 198pixels resolution and sports a stainless steel dial. Unlike Watch 4, the Senorita Smartwatch does not support the always-on display.

    You can easily connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 with a similar operating range. Inside is the Nordic nrf52832 processor and packs a 130mAh battery that promises up to 5 days of battery life.

    As expected, the Senorita smartwatch supports Activity Tracking and sports mode like the Watch 4 and Watch 5, and this one also supports Menstrual Cycle monitoring, water drinking reminder, and customizable watch faces. The Gionee Senorita costs Rs. 3,499.

    Gionee Watch 5

    Gione Watch 5

    The Gionee Watch 5 differs with its rectangular shape with a plastic dial at the top right side of the Smartwatch. Like the Senorita and unlike the Watch 4, it failed to support always-on display functionality with its 1.3-inch rectangular IPS LCD display, 240 x 240 pixels resolution.

    Similar to the Senorita Smartwatch, it is powered by the Nordic nRF52832 processor and packs a smaller 160mAh battery that promises up to 5 days of battery life.

    You can easily connect the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, supports Sports Mode and Activity Tracking along with Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Level monitoring, and also supports Smart Notifications. The Gionee Watch 5 is priced at Rs. 2,499. You can purchase the phone via Flipkart, starting from 23rd June 2020.