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Glo Stay Home Data Plan offer gives you 20% more data – N1k now gives you 2.5GB

    Due to the lockdown in some parts of the country, Glo Nigeria has introduced a new data plan offer, it is called “Stay Home Data Plan” which give you up to 20% more data when you renew or purchase your plan.

    Globacom Nigeria and its boss, Mike Adenuga has done much for Nigeria. Glo data plans have always been affordable, although, the service network is quite dishonoring and offensive.

    Aside from being the grandmasters of data, Glo has also recently introduced a new plan, 1.25GB for N200 along with this stay home data plan offer. Globacom boss has also donated a huge amount of money to CBN to fight COVID-19.

    What is Glo Stay at Home Data?

    Glo Nigeria offers up to 20 percent more data for its subscribers irrespective of the data plan they purchase. Which practically means that the bonus offers start from N100 with 5% addition and more.

    In a blog post, “The more data you buy, the more data bonus you enjoy. For example, an N20,000 data plan will attract up to 20% more data, while an N100 data plan will give the subscriber up to 5% more data”

    Wondering how it works in full package, Glo Nigeria has already done some serious breakdown on her website:

    *. The N100 plan now receives 105MB instead of 90MB, an extra 15MB.
    *. The N500 bundle now receives 1.05GB instead of the former 1GB, an extra 50MB
    *. The N1000 bundle now receives 2.5GB instead of the previous 2.3GB, an extra 200MB.
    *. The N2000 bundle now receives 5.8GB instead of the old 5.25GB, an extra.
    *. The N3,000 data now receive 10GB instead of the former 9GB, an extra 1GB.
    *. The N20,000 bundle now receive 138GB instead of the former 115GB, an extra 23GB.

    How to activate the plan

    For you to enjoy this new plan offer, you can easily dial *777# (plan menu) and choose the plan of your choice. The company went further to state that the data plans can also be purchased at

    Glo also states that the customer will automatically enjoy up to 20% more data when he tops up his data. The percentage of data bonus enjoyed, however, depends on how much data he subscribed to.

    Please note that we aren’t sure if Globacom will continue this offer after the world is clear of COVID-19. Surely, they might discontinue the plan after this virus crisis.

    Source: Glo Nigeria