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Google is Secretly creating a New Fuchsia OS that’s not based on Linux

    Well, Google is reportedly coming up with a new OS that is NOT based Linux. Google wants to leave their former OS just like the way Apple and Android OS. In other words, Google is developing a new Open Source OS that’s not based on Linux!

    Google Is Secretly Making A Fuchsia OS, And It’s Not Based On Linux! And it is not just an upgrade to Android or Chrome OS, but instead, a new system that’s not derived from the Linux kernel. Which makes the launching more fantastic.

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    No much words from Google on the released details about the project on GitHub with the cryptic description “Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System).” We are all aware that Google has formerly created two operating systems – Android and Chrome OS – but both are based upon the Linux kernel. But this is different!

    Well, if the new Android OS is called Android Nougat! and the iOS is called iOS 10 then what will the new Google OS called? No much thinking, it is called Fuchsia. While Google hasn’t officially announced anything about the OS.\

    google Fuchsia

    The new OS will reportedly play nice with 32-bit and 64-bit ARM CPUs, alongside 64-bit PCs. Google’s Travis Geiselbrecht said that the OS will play nice with the Raspberry Pi 3, as well. While the Dart is the main programming language and Flutter support indicates that the OS will likely use Material Design for its user interface.

    And according to the report, Google might take a leaf out of Samsung’s Tizen OS and choose to run Fuchsia on systems that cannot handle the heftier Android. With Google’s increased involvement in embedded hardware such as Google Home and OnHub router, Fuchsia could be a product directly targeted at them.

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    The upcoming Google Open Source OS – Fushia uses Magenta kernel, which is designed to compete with IoT-oriented operating systems like FreeRTOS or ThreadX. Dart is the main programming language.

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