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Google Home Hub costs $149 – Assistant with a screen display

    During the Pixel 3 event held in New York, Search engine Giant, Google announces the Home Hub, which is the company’s first Assistant Smart Display. This device will set-up as a huge competitor with Amazon’s Echo Show. It comes with Ambient EQ, it allows the Home Hub display to adjusts to the light in the room.

    The Google’s Home hub is purely an Assistant with a screen. Google pointed out that “Home Hub is to create a more helpful, thoughtful home,” This is due to the great broaden 7-inch LCD touchscreen display of seeing response from Assistant, that just hearing them.

    Google smart displays was the first direct challenger and competitor to Amazon echo show, which is powered by Alexa. The gadgets obeys oral commands to perform tasks like playing music, dimming lights, locking doors and setting alarms. Its just connects with all your smart devices around your home.

    Home Hub is much like the other similar device out there on the markets, it can’t download and install apps but unfortunately, it lacks a front-facing camera. This feature is available on other Echo show, Facebook Portal, Lenovo and JBL displays. However, the reason for omitting the camera, is for privacy reason.

    Google Home Hub

    Amazon’s smart display that answers questions, a one-stop to connect all your streaming services, and connects all your smart home technology in one piece. About 45 million people in the United States will use smart speakers in 2018, research firm EMarketer estimates, and Amazon has about two-thirds of the US market.

    It comes with a feature called Home view, it is a one-stop dashboard for controlling and managing all the smart home devices in your home., much like Alexa Echo Show. Another feature is Live Albums, it create an album of your favorite people, you’ll choose and it uses Top shot to pick the best. Google claims that almost 1.2 billion photos are uploaded every day on Photos.

    Supports YouTube with Assistant’s voice control, supports Google’s Voice Match feature, that recognize various users voices and brings out calendars, reminders, etc. It is not just a display, it can also be substitute as a speaker, with support for YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more. Or as a multi-room speaker with other Google Home or Chromecast Audio devices.

    The Home Hub can also adjust to the ambient light in the room, using a dedicated sensor to adjust the display for the lighting in real time. Comes with two microphone far-field mic array, with Bluetooth 5.0. It is powered by Google’s smart digital assistant and is designed “to get the state of the entire home” by connecting to other smart devices, said Google vice president of product management Diya Jolly.

    The Google Home Hub pre-orders begin immediately and it is priced at $149, with six months of free YouTube Premium service. And will be available on October 22nd starting from US, UK, and Australia. Weighs 480g, and has a dimension of 178.5 x 118 x 67.3. And it is available in four different colors, green (Aqua), pink (Sand), dark grey (Charcoal), and white (Chalk).

    Displaying YouTube videos and showing recipes are top selling points for smart displays, said Gummi Hafsteinsson, the Google product director overseeing Assistant.