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42 malicious apps with 8million total downloads removed from Google Playstore

    42 malicious apps with 8million total downloads was found on Google Playstore but fortunately, the search engine giants has removed these apps from its platform.

    It is occasionally known that, Google and other security-concerned researchers keep on detecting and removing thousands of malicious apps due to security issues.

    Before now, Android users were tricked into downloading adware apps from Google Play, and today is just another one. ESET researchers recently found 42 apps containing adware.

    The security researchers said that those apps has been downloaded more than 8 million times since they first debuted in July 2018. Anyways, 21 of these app were still available at the time of discovery.

    On noticing those malicious apps, the researchers inform Google: “We reported the apps to the Google security team and they were swiftly removed. However, the apps are still available in third-party app stores,”

    Google Play store

    Like other cases of malicious apps, these recent apps are normal but also sprays its virus in the same way. After installing the adware-infected apps from Play store, it sends data back about your device at the background.

    It will display full-screen ads at semi-random intervals. This is done after they have escaped the Google servers that determines their eligibility.

    Security researcher Lukas Stefanko says “The app receives configuration data from the command and control server (C&C) server, needed for displaying ads, and for stealth and resilience,”.

    Beyond that, these infected apps will then make it hard for them to remove, by deleting their shortcut icon. Furthermore, the apps will also mimic Facebook and Google’s apps to avoid suspicion, just to extend its stay on your phone.

    To stay on the safe side, those malicious affected apps includes Video Downloader Master, Ringtone Maker Pro, SaveInsta and Tank Classic. These apps had 5million, and 500,000 downloads each.