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Here is Google’s Uptime – Lets you watch videos with Friends

    Introducing to you is the latest app from Google that was first introduced during March, which let users watch YouTube videos in real time with their friends.

    But at first, the app was lacking a Facebook Login to help find friends early and also a invite code was compulsory! Right now, those bugs has been fixed!

    Uptime’s hook is that it not only lets you watch videos simultaneously with other Uptime friends, but if you check out a video after your friend watched it then the app will keep their live reactions attached to it and play them back as you watch the video for the first time.

    Google’s Uptime app

    When watching a video at the same time, users’ avatars progress around the screen in a live-tracking feature so you always know where everyone is at any moment in the clip.

    What and What can Up-time users Do:

    *. Search for YouTube videos to share with the community.
    *. Watch videos that have already been shared with the community.
    *. See which videos other users are watching in real-time, as well as which videos they have previously viewed.
    *. Follow other users within the app.
    *. Share comments, like videos and share emoji reactions.
    *. A new home screen to make it easier for users to see what videos are being watched.
    *. The addition of music videos
    *. Facebook Login integration to help users find their friends on the app.

    Google’s Uptime

    This is not for Android Users, so sorry but currently the app is ONLY available to iOS users! And can be downloaded via iTunes or via iOS App Store

    Uptime was created through Google’s internal incubator program, Area 120, which encourages employees to take 20 percent of their week to focus on independent side projects, leading to small but interesting apps like Uptime.