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How to Control Your Phone Completely By Google Voice Access!

    Using your fingers to control your phone is quite normal and simple! And also making use of your voice during the Google Assistant is quite impressive but controlling everything on your Android phone with your voice is another story!

    Well, we will list out all the necessary tips on how to make use of your Voice to Control your Phone! Introducing to you is Google Voice Access! It helps one to control his/her phone using just the Voice!

    Normally, we tend to believe that Lights travels faster than Sound but for first time, Scientists have experimentally demonstrated that sound pulses can travel at velocities faster than the speed of light.

    google voice access

    Meanwhile, it was Google that announces Voice Access Beta— which Control Your Phone Completely By Voice! It uses the accessibility service to read your screen and identify all the elements you can interact with.

    You also need (ideally) to have OK Google everywhere activated. That allows you to turn on Voice Access at any time without touching the phone.

    When active, Voice Access places a number next to each button, toggle, and other interactive element on your screen. You can just tell the phone to “tap [number]” and it happens.

    You can also scroll, open notifications, long-press, and go to the home screen. Just talk to the phone, and your words are shown at the top of the screen over the status bar as it processes them.

    This service could be ideal for those who can’t operate a touchscreen well or for long periods due to disability, but it’s also handy if you just need to use your phone hands-free for a little bit.

    Guide on how to Use Voice Access to Control your Phone

    *. Step 1: Check your device and settings, it must be Android version 5.0 or higher.
    *. Step 2: Download Voice Access
    *. Step 3: Start using Voice Access
    *. To turn on Voice Access, follow these steps:
    – Open your device’s Settings app
    – Scroll to Accessibility
    – Tap Voice Access
    – At the top, tap the On/Off switch
    – Open your notification shade
    – Tap the Voice Access notification labeled “Touch to start”Say a command, such as “Open Gmail”

    The first time you turn on Voice Access, two extra steps help you get started:

    A guide to saying “Ok Google” settings opens up the Google Assistance and saying “Start Voice Access” completely puts in. It helps set you up for a good hands-free experience. An interactive tutorial teaches you how Voice Access works.

    google voice

    Download Google Voice Access either from ApkMirror or Google Play Store.

    Note: Voice Access is currently in a limited beta release in English only.

    Google’s Voice Access app is a good solution to a special kind of problem: how to use apps designed for a touchscreen without actually touching the screen.