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Google renames Android Wear to Wear OS for Smartwatch Platform

    It is popularly known that Apple has been innovating and improving its smartwatch and it is also worthy to know that, Google launched the Android Wear, 4 years ago and updated the Android Wear 2 years ago.

    So from the statistics above, you really need no one to inform you that, the search engine giant; Google isn’t still ready for the Smartwatches.

    Well, Google wants to revive dyng smartwatch platform by renaming Android Wear to Wear OS! The Wear OS formerly known as Android Wear is the operating system for smart watches.

    google watches

    A lot of companies has been successful in the wearable business but in the case of Google, they forgot to realize that they are a lot of competitors out there.

    Currently, Google isn’t doing that perfectly in their wearable devices and it is a little bit scarce but however, it is worth noticing that they are still looking forward to coming back to the smartwatch market business sooner or later.

    The new Wear OS, as reported by Google will work with phones running on Android 4.4+ and will excluded on Go edition and iOS 9.3+.

    With Smartwatches, you can speak to the assistance, pay for a fixed products, check your calendar, book Uber, send messages, check e-mails, make calls, play musics, videos, check maps and many more.