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Google’s Gmail Go can now be downloaded on all devices

    Starting from today, Google removes the artificial restrictions allowing those with powerful Android phones to download some of the apps. Google now allows all devices, such as tablets, phones to download the lightweight Gmail Go.

    The main objective behind Google’s Go version of its app was to make it efficient and compatible with the lightweight version of its OS, which powers affordable devices with entry-level specs and features.

    With the Go versions of the main app, it offers a lower footprint, lower data consumption, and less functionality, but still does what the main do. With Google restriction removed, premium high-end devices can benefit greatly.

    Aside from Google adding the suffix “GO” to its own lightweight app, – Google Go, other major apps such as TikTok, Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, Skype, Uber, Amazon Kindle adds the suffix “Lite” to its apps – Facebook Lite.

    The Gmail Go app is highly recommended for power users, customers using high-end Smartphone devices. With Go apps, or Lite apps, users can easily save space and data, and more for occasional email readers.

    Gmail Go

    The functionality between the Gmail Go and the original Gmail app doesn’t come in between them. They are identical to each other, but the only major expectancy is that the Gmail Go needs less RAM and uses less mobile data.

    Because the Gmail Go needs lesser RAM and data, Google caped the mailing app framerate. Which makes the mailing app stutter on top-end powerful devices such as phones, tablets with a high refresh rate. This is due to the basic screen optimization of the app.

    Although, the UI design is also much more basic with far less eye-candy, and huge features such as Google Meet bottom bar and some of the gestures will no longer be available. The app is now ready to download any Smartphones or Tablets.