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How to Scan/Find Missing Channels on GOtv & other solved Problems

    Well, most people are busy enjoying and cruising their GOtv channel but many out there are just trying and doing their best to find the best solution to scaning or finding missing channels but all to no avail.

    Today, FBL has decided to research and bring up some best solutions to the most difficult problems GOtv subscribers are facing. I sincerely don’t have everything with me, but with time and more questions coming while doing some other research, this page will be continually updated!

    Are you in Nigeria, then you can visit the GOtv Page NG while the Kenyans can visit the GOtv Page Ke. We will our best to figure out more solutions to any asked questions.

    Although, the best solution is to visit a nearby technician at your side or area many of them are reportedly charging much more cash than the service rendered, so it will be amicable if you could know a few tricks too. BE A PRO!

    Finding Missing Channel?

    Firstly, we are going to begin the least problems. After you must have to pay some certain amount either Monthly, Annually, or otherwise and you noticed that some channels aren’t working, the below steps will definitely help you.

    Try this first;

    Press Menu >>information Central >> OK >> info button (or i button) >> Press 7.
    Automatically, the decoder will reboot and return to the FTI page.
    Now select
    – Language (English)
    – Country (Nigeria)
    – Antenna Power (OFF).
    The decoder will re-scan.

    Also, TRY THIS;

    *. Holding your remote.
    *. Press MENU
    *. Then TUNING
    *. Then AUTOMATIC SCAN. Press the OK button to select each stage. By default, you will get 27 channels for GOtv and 37 channels for GOtv-plus.

    While scanning lookout for “TV channels found” if the numbers are complete(57)it means your scanning was successful if not try scanning your decoder again.

    When you are done scanning clicks on the “exit” button on your remote. And remember, do not any way, interrupt the scanning whether by switching OFF the decoder, Generator,, or whatsoever unless it is the outage of light.

    And another thing you should do is to ensure that your Antenal which is placed outside should be in the proper Direction. Maybe, somebody can be inside while another is outside slightly adjusting the pole from one side to another side. This has helped me a lot.

    gotv setting

    E017-0, E48-32, E016 Error – The Decoder is not enabled for this channel

    If you have this trouble, that such error occurred or be it a similar problem or whatsoever, please, it is advisable to switch it OFF and ON again, if it doesn’t work then;

    SMS “RESET IUC number” to 4688. For instance, your IU number is 2018996383 then SMS in a text format like 2018996383 to 4688.

    Another step is to Visit Look for Clear Error Code on the Right-hand side, Enter your IUC NUmber Select the GoTVE16, Enter the Code Display. And click on Clear Error.

    Press Okay to display the signal information, If No signal Display on Channel 23, Move to 24, 27, and then 46. To check if any of them has a signal. Then probably, you have to re-scan.

    It has worked for many and may likely work for you still. Other little solutions to various problems include;

    *. Ensuring that your antenna is firmly fixed on the RF IN port and signal strength is stable above 90%.

    *. Check if Software is up-to-date – Menu > Information Central

    *. Confirm if a Software upgrade is available – Menu > Advanced options > Decoder upgrade (If available, RED button below on screen to be pressed for download).

    I can’t find channel 29 on my GOtv

    You might be wondering why is channel 29 not showing on GOtv? but fortunately, you are truly on the right side to not just figuring out the cause but also finding the ultimate solution to it.

    As we all know the Channel 29 on GOtv is the live reality show, as it is on Channel 198 on DStv. It is definitely an important channel right now, and we will try to find the best and quickest solution to this cause.

    We suppose that your GOtv is activated, and you are probably subscribed to either GOtv Max or GOtv Joli. Since you can’t find channel 29, that means you are experiencing an error and viewing problem. There are a few solution recommendations. You can:

    • Login to your GOtv App to clear the error
    • Scan to get channel 29 on the GOtv decoder by following these steps:
      • Go to menu
      • (2) select the advanced option
      • (3) Select Installation
      • (4) Select Automatic scan and press the OK button
    • Use GOtv self-service
    • Use USSD by dialing *288*1# and clear codes
    • Reset your GOtv to start again, access that through the Menu Button and Installation, Channel 29 might show up.
    • If you are not sure, try disabling parental control. Go to MENU > Scroll to Parental Controls > OK/select to enable or disable
    • Contact any of the GOtv customer care representatives to get the problem solved

    The best and fastest way to reach GOtv is by Twitter, which is according to my experience. Well, when you reach out to them, explain your situation, and a solution to this will be provided. We advise that you contact them via any of the methods while completing the process.

    How to Clear GOtv ERROR codes?

    To clear error codes on GOtv, dial *288*1# from your mobile phone, respond with the correct details as required by the System.

    Meanwhile, as a bonus, you can also clear error codes on Dstv, by dialing *288*2# from your mobile phone, respond with the correct details as required by the System.

    The use of this Dstv shortcode allows you to clear E16, E17, and E30 errors on Dstv.

    You can still contact them at;

    Email: [email protected] and Email:[email protected]