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Sooner, Nokia Android phones will come with PureView camera

    HMD Global, who are currently operating Nokia just purchased another rights from Microsoft, it is the PureView trademark brand. Microsoft had the rights to hold the PureView brand, because the company earned it in 2014, via Nokia’s devices and services division deal.

    Nokia were the official owners of the trademark. The name “PureView” might sound so unnatural and faint in the ears, don’t blame yourself, the Pureview brand made its market debut half a decade ago. It was the Nokia 808 PureView!

    Although, it didn’t stop there on the Nokia 808, it was also expanded to Symbian handset and then to few Microsoft Lumia Nokia phones. Since, HMD purchased the rights, we may soon get to see Nokia Android phones with the new feature.

    Also understand that, the PureView trademark was filed in January 2012 and HMD Global acquired its rights from Microsoft on August 23. The new feature might not only come to Nokia Smartphones, we might see other feature phones with the recent obtained PureView brand.

    With PureView running on the Nokia phones, Lumia windows powered phones, other flagship mobile devices were at stake. It pulled a staggering competition to other high-end Smartphone makers.